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#14 - David Heinemeier Hansson - CTO Basecamp, inventor of Ruby on Rails, bestselling author & Race driver

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In this episode I am thrilled to welcome David Heinemeier Hansson, CTO of Basecamp, inventor of Ruby on Rails, founder of, book author of books like "Remote" or "It does not have to be crazy at work".

Some topics we touched:
* How David Discovered the magic of Ruby 💎
* How he finds moments of deep flow in programming and racing
* Why Smartwatches are a gift from hell⌚
* Why the 60 hour work week is a stupid lie
* Why he would immediately quit if he was hired as CTO of Zalando 👚
* How they successfully manage Basecamp, and why "the Spotify Model" is a myth

☠️ Strong language, be careful ☠️
And: You might notice that I had to laugh at least 60% of the time. Thanks David for your time and this great episode.

#13 Matthias Laug // CTO & Co-Founder at TIER mobility

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Podcast time! This time I have the chance to talk to the judo brown belt owning CTO of the scooter& mobility startup TIER mobility Matthias Laug.
Before TIER he co-founded Lieferando and boy, he's a nice guest to talk to.

We spoke about:
* Why he puts people over tech
* What they use to run their large IoT stack
* His vision of Scooters talking to each other in a huge mesh
* Why he after founding Lieferando and having a large exit still started at Thoughtworks
* When to not do backflips even if you perfected doing them

He also briefly mentions Eric Bowman, Martin Fowler and Pat Kua who have one thing in common: I did not interview them for the alphalist podcast - Would be happy to chat with you guys too! :)

#12 with Johannes Schaback // CTO at Home24

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This time I am talking to my friend Johannes Schaback, CTO of Home24, who is also originally a co-founder of alphalist and
one of the brightest minds in the German engineering, tech and business-tech scene.
We are talking about his journey through the AI and data world, the Do's and Don'ts and the real world, no bullshit application of machine learning.

We are Tackle:
* Data is the new oil - wrong or right?
* The machine learning models @ Home24
* How ML-infrastructure evolved in the last decade
* The necessity to spend more time in the problem space before entering the solution space

We talk about mentorship and great people he learned from (*ping* Marc Appelhoff, Brigitte Wittekind, Christian Weiss, Philipp Kreibohm ;-)).
Thanks a lot Johannes and looking forward to track your successes at Home24, your career and investments.

#11 with Ahti Heinla // Co-founder & CTO at Starship Technologies

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In this podcast, it's all about complicated things and my guest masters them all: IoT, Robotics, AI and customer acquisition.
Ahti Heinla is former founding engineer of Skype and now runs Starship Technologies as Founder and CTO.
In this podcast we talk about
* Robotics as the coolest thing to build as an engineer
* How I stopped one of his Robots in Hamburg
* The hard things about robots 🤖
* The hard things about bringing ML models to production

Thanks again Ahti for being my guest and looking forward to see more and more of your robots in the wild. Great to see so much innovation coming from Estonia.
Looking forward to feedback and guest proposals.

#10 with Marty Cagan // Partner at Silicon Valley Product Group

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Wow, my guest this time is able to see through the matrix 💊:
It's Marty Cagan, inventor of product discovery and best selling author of the book "INSPIRED",
one of the partners of the Silicon Valley Product Group and potentially the
biggest eye opener for 90% of the delivery organizations out there: We are most likely doing our job wrong!

He saw so much different product and delivery orgs from Apple to Google to Spotify and talks about
his learnings:

* How agile is interpreted wrong in 90% of the companies
* How modern organizations waste their resources
* How to tackle product discovery and user testing
* Autonomy vs. Empowerment

Thanks Marty, it's been a blast!

#09 with Christian Hardenberg // CTO Delivery Hero

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It's podcast-time! This time, I spoke to Christian Hardenberg, CTO of Delivery Hero 🍔 and formerly Rocket Internet 🚀 on how
to scale an engineering org from 200 to 2000 people.
Delivery Hero just entered the DAX a week ago and is worth almost 20 BN as of today.
He shared his perspective and thoughts on:
* How to measure software developers at scale
* How they keep up the pace / velocity
* What he thinks about OKRs
* How they manage to integrate all the acquired entities and teams
* Their secret sauce and why he thinks it is better than google

It was really an honor to talk to you Christian, I am looking forward talk again, latest at 30 BN… ;-)

#08 with Peter Großkopf // CTO Börse Stuttgart Digital Exchange

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This time, I have the honor to talk to Peter Grosskopf, CTO of Börse Stuttgart digital exchange and former
CTO of Solarisbank.
He's an amazing guy for philosophical discussions around finance, tech and we share one love that
is no longer as cool as it was in the 00's: Ruby on rails!

This time we discuss:
* How he made regulations his hobby 👓 and wants developers to feel like working for Spotify or Soundcloud even with regulations in place
* The do's and don'ts in Fintech
* Why he rather picks mature stacks (aka Postgres and Ruby on rails) against the "new kids on the block"
* How he thinks about new things tech like Apache Kafka

Thanks again for being my guest, it was a lot of fun.

#07 with Sergei Anikin // CTO Pipedrive

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I had the chance to interview Sergei Anikin about how to scale a SaaS product. Sergei Anikin comes with vast experience in “large scale tech” as he was with Skype when it was sold 3 times (eBay, Private Equity, Microsoft) and is CTO at 90-million funded pipedrive (CRM SaaS) now.
Laser sharp focus on the essential features
“Scaling problems are good problems to have”
Microservices vs. Monoliths
Team structure at scale: Missions and tribes (
How they do M&A and post merger integration
It was an honor to talk to Sergei Anikin and see him joining alphalist as a new member too.
Looking forward to your comments, feedback and guest proposals.

#06 with Mikko Hyppönen // F-Secure

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I had to deal with cybersecurity topics recently; I've even been in touch with the FBI 👮. On this occasion I invited a brilliant guest for the alphalist Podcast: It’s Mikko Hyppönen, a computer security specialist and scientific director at the security company F-Secure.
He spent half of his life hacking and chasing hackers and he knows how to talk about it: I saw at least 3 TED Talks by him and yes, they are very entertaining and helpful.

Key topics in the Podcast are:
- The recent twitter hack and the stupidness of the hackers
- How cybersecurity evolved and became a required skill for companies and countries
- His recommendations for modern mid sized companies around Cybersecurity (Where to start with processes, recruiting, tools, budgets)
- What to do if you’ve been compromised

You won’t regret that you've listened :-)

#05 with Sebastian Thrun // Google X

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I am thrilled to announce this weeks podcast guest: Prof. Sebastian Thrun
Brief overview: He is a Stanford professor, founder of Google X, built the first self driving car, won the Darpa-Award for it, started the online-academy Udacity and is now building autonomous planes at Kitty Hawk. Wow.
Can you tell why I highly admire him and how excited I was when I won him for my podcast?
We talked about the car nation in Germany, how competitive we are in the AI and software world, Stanford vs. TU-Munich, why Sebastian is striving for a brain-computer interface, why he has built the leading online university Udacity and how to tackle machine learning as a modern CTO.
He also explains why he eventually comes up with a Bluetooth-connected Smart-Bra next.