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#30 - Cheryl Hung //VP Ecosystem of CNCF [Cloud Native Computing Foundation]

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We spoke with Cheryl Hung of Cloud Native. She runs the ecosystem of over 600 members contributing to over a hundred open source projects. She also started the Cloud Native London meetup where she promotes developer advocacy and diversity. As an early adopter of kubernetes, she has a lot to share!
Cheryl shared with us:

- The importance of Developer Advocacy 👩‍💻
- How Edge Computing is the next frontier in Cloud Native ☁️
- Why kubernetes is not for everyone 📦and has to become easier
- Why End-User companies should contribute to the Open Source 🆓
+ Her childhood dream of becoming a Google Engineer and where she is holding with it!

Join us in welcoming our First Female Guest.. and send us more because we are missing out!

#29 - Matthias Jugel // Co-Founder of UBIRCH

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We spoke to Matthias Jugel, the co-founder of ubirch, the company behind the 🇩🇪 German digital vaccination passes 💉His technology has generated over 30 million vaccine passes giving German their summer holidays back! And they launched in a matter of weeks!
We discussed what was involved in creating digital vaccine passports that worked OFFLINE and allow movement around the EU 🇪🇺; Blockchain verification ✔️ and its applications in pharmaceuticals⚕️, car insurance 🚘and manufacturing 🏭 and what he learnt from launching a national program in a month! 📆

#28 - ‪Rasmus Rothe // founder of Merantix

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We spoke to Rasmus Rothe, leader in AI space- he has 5 products just based on machine learning.
- What is involved in productising and commercialising a machine learning-based service 📈➡️💰
- The need for ML ops 👨‍💻
- Google Cloud vs AWS vs Azure and why he doesn’t stick to one ☁️
- AI and its applications in medical field ⚕️, autonomous driving 🚘and BI 📊
+ His go-to resources for libraries, ML ops and conferences

Fastly( and Sastrify (

#27 - Eric Johnson // CTO GitLab

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I had the chance to talk to Eric Johnson, the CTO of GitLab about

- How to manage remote teams: async, stand-ups, onboarding, burn out, internships, compensation, and more
- How Gitlab uses git for everything from Marketing to Policy
- The difference between servant-leadership and situational leadership and when to use what
+ A message to those who think parenthood :children_crossing:might take away from their career

If you loved his straight-talking ReadMe about himself, you will also like this thought-provoking episode on leadership, management, and of course remote work from someone who manages a completely remote team of 560, in a company of 1300+

#26 - John Romero // CEO Romero Games

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This Podcast episode is DOOMed 🔥🌋😈🧟🕯👿☠👹🦹
I had the chance to talk to John Romero, the inventor of DOOM, Wolfenstein and Commander Keen and founder of id Software about

* Developing games in the early 90s and how they developed DOOM in a crazy small team
* Developing games in 2021 and how it’s still possible to develop games with only a single person team
* The crazy amounts of money they made with DOOM 🤑💶🤑
* The crazy amounts of energy drinks they consumed
* Why not he would not start developing a game engine again

Thanks a lot John! Was really fun talking to you.

#25 - Tim O'Reilly // Founder & CEO O'Reilly Media

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Today with me in the Podcast is Tim O'Reilly, the Founder & CEO of O'Reilly Media and boy, his 1,5 million
twitter followers are there for a reason!

People call him "the Oracle of the Silicon Valley", he came up with the term "Web 2.0" - This man is crazy a wizard!

We spoke about:
* Writing as superpower! How it helps you to structure your thoughts.
* How he started OSCON and great nerdy 90s
* The big tectonic "Platform changes" and how the giants use "Algorithmic Rents" to silently put more money
into their pockets
* The wrong incentives and optimization functions of our economy and how to change it
* How we are part of "the machine" and "the machine" needs us to decide what is good ("ham")
and what is bad ("spam")

Brilliant thoughts! Thank you so much Tim!

#24 - Peter Grosskopf // Ex CTO Börse Stuttgart & Solarisbank

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In this episode we dive deep into the principles of Blockchain together with Peter Grosskopf who is our guest for the 2nd time.

Peter recently quit his job as CTO @ Börse Stuttgart to fully focus on building a decentralized bank in the DeFi (Decentralize finance) space.

We spoke about:
* How does a blockchain work
* Why to use blockchains
* Concrete use-cases and applications
* How ether works and how to get started

#23 - Olivier Bonnet // CTO BlaBlaCar

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This time I had Olivier Bonnet, the CTO of BlaBlaCar in the podcast.
BlaBlaCar is the carpooling company: They own the market.
They are active in 22 Countries, have 100M+ Users and acquired 12 other carpooling companies.
Olivier, the CTO, joined me to talk about:

* How his time at  Apple taught him to think long term
* 100 million users, 12 acquisitions: The strategy behind BlaCar
* The complexity of route planning 🌐
* How writing 🖊️ helps people at Bla to structure their thoughts: They are writing press releases for new features, Amazon style.
* You build it, you run it! How technology decision discipline works at BlaCar

Was a great ride with you, Olivier! We both turned out to be a bit more Bla ;-) in this episode than we initially thought.

#22 - Frank Karlitschek // CEO NextCloud

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How to make a living from Open Source?
My guest Frank Karlitschek, the CEO of ☁️☁️ NextCloud ☁️☁️ the open alternative to Google Cloud and Microsofts Office 365 (!) does it for years and tells us where to start. He knows the game!

**Other topics we touch?**
- The 3 Ultimate tipps for open source developers/publishers
How he leads his team of 50+ FTE almost fully remote
- How GDPR can be seen as a chance for European entrepreneurs
- How he built his company without any VC money

Thanks a lot Frank for being my guest!

#21 - Jason Warner // CTO GitHub

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In this episode I talk to Jason Warner, Github CTO aka "the PaaS Guru". He used to work for Heroku before and
explained what he's planning and executing at Github and how Github uses it's massive amount of data to go away
from pure repo-hosting.

Topics that stand out:
* How microsoft is working out quite well for them (Careful: contains Steve Balmer rants)
* How Github will revolutionize the Platform as a Service world (PaaS)
* His thoughts about developer productivity and the broken idea of measuring an individual engineers performance 📈📈📈
* How he breaks down the organization strategy from into mission, vision, priorities, goals, and tasks to get everyone aligned

He also reveals his past as 🏋️ Fitness Guru, having written multiple fitness books and what happened when a colleague found that out...