alphalist.CTO Podcast

#07 with Sergei Anikin // CTO Pipedrive

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I had the chance to interview Sergei Anikin about how to scale a SaaS product. Sergei Anikin comes with vast experience in “large scale tech” as he was with Skype when it was sold 3 times (eBay, Private Equity, Microsoft) and is CTO at 90-million funded pipedrive (CRM SaaS) now.
Laser sharp focus on the essential features
“Scaling problems are good problems to have”
Microservices vs. Monoliths
Team structure at scale: Missions and tribes (
How they do M&A and post merger integration
It was an honor to talk to Sergei Anikin and see him joining alphalist as a new member too.
Looking forward to your comments, feedback and guest proposals.

#06 with Mikko Hyppönen // F-Secure

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I had to deal with cybersecurity topics recently; I've even been in touch with the FBI 👮. On this occasion I invited a brilliant guest for the alphalist Podcast: It’s Mikko Hyppönen, a computer security specialist and scientific director at the security company F-Secure.
He spent half of his life hacking and chasing hackers and he knows how to talk about it: I saw at least 3 TED Talks by him and yes, they are very entertaining and helpful.

Key topics in the Podcast are:
- The recent twitter hack and the stupidness of the hackers
- How cybersecurity evolved and became a required skill for companies and countries
- His recommendations for modern mid sized companies around Cybersecurity (Where to start with processes, recruiting, tools, budgets)
- What to do if you’ve been compromised

You won’t regret that you've listened :-)

#05 with Sebastian Thrun // Google X

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I am thrilled to announce this weeks podcast guest: Prof. Sebastian Thrun
Brief overview: He is a Stanford professor, founder of Google X, built the first self driving car, won the Darpa-Award for it, started the online-academy Udacity and is now building autonomous planes at Kitty Hawk. Wow.
Can you tell why I highly admire him and how excited I was when I won him for my podcast?
We talked about the car nation in Germany, how competitive we are in the AI and software world, Stanford vs. TU-Munich, why Sebastian is striving for a brain-computer interface, why he has built the leading online university Udacity and how to tackle machine learning as a modern CTO.
He also explains why he eventually comes up with a Bluetooth-connected Smart-Bra next.

#04 with Daniel Gebler // CTO Picnic

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In this episode of the Podcast Tobias is talking to Daniel Gebler, the CTO of the “dutch supermarket unicorn” Picnic about his story from the 4k Demo Scene to operating and growing picnic to a billion Euros marketcap and 5000+ employees.
Topics we touch in this episode:
- How Picnic works
- Why they chose to build an app-only platform
- Picnics secret sauce in data science, supply chain and fulfillment
- How there business and tech literally exploded with Corona
- His thoughts on Microservices
And many more!
Thanks a lot to Daniel, we had a great time!

#03 mit Jan Ramm // FreeNow

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In dieser Ausgabe begrüssen wir Jan Ramm, den CTO der FreeNow Gruppe (ehem. MyTaxi).
Wir sprechen unter anderem
- von seinem Werdegang vom Schulschwimmer zum CTO
- wie und wo FreeNow seine Entwickler sucht & findet
- wie sich der Mobility Markt entwickelt hat und noch entwickelt
- was sein Blick auf Mobile-Frameworks ala Flutter ist.

Danke an Jan für das tolle Gespräch.

#02 mit Stephan Schulze // Project A

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Stephan Schulze ist bei alphalist Mitglied der ersten Stunde. Als CTO von Project A hat er sehr viele Startup-Technologien von innen sehen - quasi der Mann, der schon alles gesehen hat ;-)

Wir sprechen heute aus der Vogelperspektive unter anderem über folgende Themen:
Tech in Project A Startups (Frameworks, Tools, Sprachen, Trends & Prozesse), seinen Einfluss als VC auf die Technologie in Project A Startups und natürlich über mein Lieblingsthema, die technical due diligence. Also den Qualitätscheck den er als VC bei allen Startups durchführt.

#01 mit Sebastian Betz // About You

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In der heutigen Folge spreche ich mit Sebastian Betz, dem CO-CEO und CTO von About You über technologische Trends, Frameworks und aktuelle Hypes sowie seinen Job als CTO und wie der Tech Stack von about you unter der Motorhaube aussieht.