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#15 - Jean Michel Lemieux // CTO Shopify

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This time I had Jean Michel Lemieux or short JML, the CTO of 🛒 Shopify 🛒 in the podcast. Craziest fact: He took the time two days before black Friday 💥. In the podcast he also told me why.

We spoke about:

  • His fight against crazy 👟 sneaker - sniping - bots and how Shopify keeps people in line happy with games
  • What it takes to run the largest Ruby on Rails (majestic ;-)) monolith on the planet
  • Why he does not believe in microservice architecture but still runs some services
  • How he keeps his 2000 engineer army aligned
  • Why he still sells stuff for kids online through his own platform

It was crazy fun, even if I missed the swearing after David Heinemeier Hansson took that route.


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